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Our Process

Our Process

Our process is detailed and thorough. We dissect and digest each aspect of your company in order to fully understand it. We then assess its fair market value, develop a strategy to get it sold, and create a marketing package that explains the value of your business to potential buyers. From there, we confidentially market the opportunity and only share details of the sale with qualified prospects that have signed non-disclosure agreements and indicated financial ability.

Throughout this process, we work hard to manage the concerns, emotions and expectations of all parties to ensure that everyone comes together to achieve a successful sale. You’ve made many difficult choices to get to where you are. After years of hard work, choosing seasoned professionals to help you exit gracefully may be the most important decision that you make.

Selling your business effectively and efficiently requires following a disciplined process, which is tailored to your business. Our ICEBREAKER Process are general steps outlined for the future sale of your business.

Ready to Sell Your Business?

Raivax Group
Our Icebreaker Process
  • I
    ntroductions Introductions
    Introduction of all Parties (M&A Advisor to Seller)
  • C
    ollection Collection
    Collection of Documentation - Interviews
  • E
    valuation Evaluation
    Valuation of Business – Identification of Deal Making Support Team
  • B
    usiness Marketing Prep Business Marketing Prep
    Preparation for Marketing Launch – Teaser & CIM Development – Data Room Prep – Target Buyer List
  • R
    eview Buyer Pre-Screening Review Buyer Pre-Screening
    Confidentiality Screening (NDA) – Financial Strength Screening (Proof of funds) – Access to Data Room
  • E
    nterprise Buyer/Seller Matching Enterprise Buyer/Seller Matching
    Buyer/Seller Matching – Buyer/Seller Meeting
  • A
    ssess Purchase Offers Assess Purchase Offers
    Review/Negotiate Letter of Intent (LOI) Terms, Transaction Terms, Escrow Terms
  • K
    ickoff Due Diligence ickoff Due Diligence
    Compete Due Diligence Checklist & Requirements – Initiate draft of Purchase Agreement (PA)
  • E
    xecute Purchase Agreement xecute Purchase Agreement
    Finalize Purchase Agreement – Assign Closing Date – Execute Purchase Agreement
  • R
    eview Closing Terms eview Closing Terms
    Finalize Closing Documents – Identify Closing Agent – Disburse Funds
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